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The goal of this seminar is to explore all the ways by which Academics can demonstrate the range of impact their research may support. The seminar breaks impact into six streams each of which is described and examples and case studies are analyzed.

Engaging with Business and Industry

There are a variety of ways by which successful academics interact with industry. Ranging from direct consulting to collaborative engagements to specific joint projects; businesses and industry are flexible in their approach and academics increase their likelihood of a successful engagement if they understand the range of business models and approaches.


The classic approach to move IP out of the university, licensing can take a range of options which vary by type of licensing agreement. We will touch on how licensing can be constructed to create successful strategies

Setting Up a Business/Spin Out

The classic model of demonstrating impact, the spin out can be expressed in many forms. It is not merely the act of incorporation and recent trends in Silicon Valley require all IP based businesses to understand what the Venture Capital industry is looking for.

Models of Social Enterprise

The world has changed and charities and companies are not adequate to meet the current needs of society. Into that gap social enterprises have arisen. They offer the benefits of entrepreneurship applied to solving key social issues. But social enterprises require unique structures and those innovative structures will be explored.

Pre Start Proof of Concept

Not every piece of research is ready to be a startup. Proof of concept projects are the key pre-requisite for a licensing agreement or a startup. We will explore the options in setting up proof of concept engagements and what the capital milestones are that they support

Securing Research Income - Impact and the Impact Statement

Research income forms the core of all university research. But the landscape for research income has changed and new requirements demonstrating impact have been introduced. We explore the huge range of ways by which impact can be demonstrated in support of a research engagement.